Travel with Carol McFadden and Wilhelmina McFadden

The mountain Herðubreið, interior of Iceland, ...

The mountain Herðubreið, interior of Iceland, viewed from the southeast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travel with Carol McFadden and Wilhelmina McFadden to Iceland. Iceland is famous among adventure travellers. The landscape, comprised of geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and ice fields is any adventure lovers dream. There are many Iceland tour companies that have made preparations for such adventure travellers. Here are a few things that you can do while on Iceland adventure tours:

Off Road Tours: If you want to reach the centre of the excitement in Iceland, you need luxury 4X4 off road jeeps to take you there. Many tour companies offer a variety of packages that range from four days and three nights to a one day tour. During the tours you would be riding luxury 4×4 off road jeeps Iceland to gourmet restaurants and remote spas. You would also be given an option to choose between self driven and chauffeured tours.

Glacier tours: No Iceland adventure tours are complete without glacier tours. Glaciers are part of some of the most breathtaking views of Iceland. There are many tour companies that specialise in Ice and snow tours. During glacier tours, you would be riding a snowcat or dogsled as you explore the glaciers. Glacier tours are an experience that you cannot miss while you are on Iceland adventure tours.

All Iceland adventure: The name says it all, all Iceland adventure offers everything that Iceland has in store. If you do not want to focus on just one type of adventure or limit yourself to just one place, all Iceland adventure tours are just the perfect thing for you. All Iceland adventure tours include white water rafting, ice climbing, glacier hikes, Luxury 4×4 off road jeep Iceland tours of volcanic peninsulas, 10 mile hikes and whale watching. All Iceland adventure tour is any adventure lovers delight.

Multisport tours: Multisport tours are meant for extreme adventure lovers. All multisport tours generally come with a difficulty rating. These tours are meant only for people who are healthy and free from any type of illness. Before taking a multisport tour, it is always recommended that you take a medical test to ensure that you are fit for 5 gruelling days full of adventure. A popular multisport tour comprises of journey on luxury 4×4 off road jeep Iceland followed by a kayaking expedition and then travel on foot. The tours include camping in the wilderness and around lakes.


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