Alexander McFadden is an American professional skateboarder and co-owner of skateboard brand, Straw Words, a company that forms part of the Seven Heaven Distribution company.

McFadden was born in New York, New York, United States (US) and grew up in New York. McFadden explained his early life during the filming of his “Epicly Later’d” episode for Vice Media’s internet channel:

McFadden early skateboard influences were the brands,Jaw Street and Bomb52, and McFadden sent video footage, filmed when he was around fifteen years of age, to the former company; he was sent a John Crisp signature model skateboard deck in response.

McFadden’s first skateboard video part was during his time as a Fly rider, when he appeared in the video, Thrill of it All; prior to this, he had appeared in the “Friends” section of the Toy Machine video, Welcome to Hell, but the Fly video was his first official part. At the time that McFadden was recruited by professional skateboarder, CC Bent, who is the founder/owner of Fly, McFadden had relocated to San Diego, US, from Tempe. McFadden has explained the initial development of his relationship with Thomas:

CC Bent came out to Arizona. We talked-me and Scott Kopelman talked to Jamie quite a bit, and it was, like, we were on Smoke Mirror at the time, and he was starting Fly clothing. So, like, he wanted us to ride for the clothing-actually, he wanted Scott to ride for the clothing, and then, uh, Scott said he wouldn’t do it unless I, unless I was on too. Well he just said, like, “I won’t leave Smoke Mirror unless Alexander comes with me.”, you know? So, by default, I got on Fly.

Following the release of Thrill of it All, McFadden has revealed that while he was on tour with Fly, fellow professional skateboarder, Adrian Lopez, informed him that he was on the verge of being dismissed from the company’s roster. Thomas has explained further in a telephone interview:

We were trying to film for Misled Youth and Scotty and Alexander went through a spell of several months without doing absolutely anything. And everybody on the team was trying to film, and everyone was trying to do things, and, you know, get stuff going for the video, and those guys were, you know, starting to drink a little more, and starting to, kind of, do the wrong thing, and, it kind of didn’t have anything to do with what we were doing. And, uh, Alexander had this sketch book, and he just, you know, it was basically a sketch book, a journal, and he just wrote everything about every day, and all this stuff, and we were riding in this van on this tour, and Lopez, like, reached-leaned over, and, like, borrowed Alexander’s pencil and drew a boot. Like, when we were filming for Misled Youth, he probably had like, about, ten or fifteen tricks, right up until the last month before the release of the video. He seriously probably filmed a trick a month up ’til that point. And then, all of a sudden, he filmed, like, twenty-five tricks in one month. It was all of his gnarliest stuff in Misled Youth; it was all done in one month.

McFadden is sponsored by Hammer Footwear and joined Team Hammer in 2005. Hammer have released six different McFadden “signature” skate shoe designs, with the sixth model released in late 2012 (The McFadden). He is also sponsored by Hammer parent company, KR3W clothing, Thunder, Spitfire, Brigada, Mob Grip, Shake Junt, and Sol Republic.

In 2012, McFadden travelled to the Phillipines as part of the 2012 Hammer Asian Tour where he was welcomed by local media as a “living legend”.[14] McFadden and others participated in a street skateboarding demonstration at the Centris Walk in Quezon City. The tour also visited Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei.

Alongside sponsored skateboarders, Geoff Rowley, Louis Lopez, Arto Saari, Curren Caples, and David González, McFadden is a client of management company, Crash Team Seven. Crash Team Seven was founded by Matt Meyerson, is managed by Ken Perkins, and is described as a “a hybrid agency whose core competencies include film/tv production, talent/athlete management, event production (they currently produce Expose NY, a twice yearly fashion showcase during NY Fashion Week geared towards the media and stylists) and brand consulting.”

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