English: The Dettifoss in Iceland on 31 Jul 19...

English: The Dettifoss in Iceland on 31 Jul 1972. Picture taken and uploaded by Roger McLassus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carol McFadden, Iceland is not too far from the eastern coast of North America and even more closer to Western Europe. Hence, its position between North America and Europe makes it a perfect weekend destination. In all, it can be said without any doubt that Iceland is a cool and an inexpensive place for an interesting holiday time. Following are some important and top tourist attractions in Iceland.

Lake Myvatn Conservation Area – this area was declared a special conservation area in 1974. Now it has become a major tourist attraction of Iceland because of some rare natural sights available in this area. This area is Iceland’s most active area in terms of geology. Bubbly mud flats, volcanic craters, newly formed lava fields, crowded bird life, blue lake, everything is present here. One of Europe’s fiercest and tallest waterfalls the waterfall of god is also in this park. This waterfall falls from the elevation of 163 meters.

The west Mann islands – this area of Iceland is also known as the paradise at the end of the world. This place is worth watching because the youngest island of this world, surtsey is located here. This island appeared as in 1963, a volcano busted from the waves. Special tours are arranged for this particular part of Iceland.

Snaefellsnes peninsula/ Snaefellsjokull glacier – this glacier is around 60 kilometers far from the capital city. The notable thing is that still it is visible from Reykjavik. The peninsula of snaefellsnes is an eye-catching and supernatural landscape full of lava caves, waterfalls and hot springs. It is also a source of some very beautiful towns and farms. One can enjoy spectacular and extraordinary coastal views in this part of Iceland.

Thingvellir – this is Iceland’s most important place. This is the place where Iceland’s parliament was formed. One of the spectacular sites here is the cliff which is overlooking the parliament. Lake Thingvallavtn is another place to look for here. It is the world’s biggest supernatural lake and you can enjoy fishing there. Hiking through the wonderful landscapes of thingvellir is one of the major tourist attractions.

Blue lagoon – this destination has the honor to be the most clicked destination of Iceland. It is a man made lagoon and has a temperature of around 40 degree Celsius. It is believed there that its water has a blessing from god and can cure many diseases especially psoriasis. Whether it is summer or the winter, bathing in this lagoon is a breath taking experience.

Geysers – this very famous natural tourist destination is located close to Iceland’s capital Reykjavik. It is overall a three square kilometer area. Geyser spouting spring the world’s largest geyser is situated here. Another small spring called strokkur’ is the centre of attraction in this area. This small geyser erupts continuously at the intervals of five to ten minutes. This whole area is full of many small pools.

Skogar folk museum – This is a very famous museum and is another major landmark of Iceland. This museum has a collection of over six thousand articles connected to ancient Icelandic history.

These are seven most famous places one should go while on a tour to Iceland. Of course Iceland is full of amazing sites and sounds with breath taking natural beauty and ideally you should spend a much longer time in Iceland to truly feel the rich experience that this country gives out to its visitors.


Carol McFadden,

Flag of Fiji since 10 October 1990

Flag of Fiji since 10 October 1990 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fiji is actually a place where dreams come true. Nature has bestowed the place with many beautiful surprises of nature. There are many companies that provide Fiji tour package with certain facilities to make your experience worth remembering. These companies make special efforts to provide you with a comfortable tour package. The highly experienced drivers of these companies will take you to the wonderful spectacular spots in their off road 4×4 super jeeps. As these companies are the registered tour operators by the “Fijiic Tourist Board” so extra safety and care is assured for all the guests.

Fiji adventure travel is one of the breathtaking experiences one can ever have. The prepared trips of the companies include Golden Circle and Glacier and you will be taken to the beautiful national park where “Alingi” the Fiji’s first parliament was established in 930 AD. In addition to, lunch will be served to you at Gulfoss Restaurant. Trip for Landmannalaugar and Hekla is also already prepared with the tourist operators with all the necessary comforts. In this trip you will enjoy the nscenic beauty of the place, the lava fields and the superb panormic views. You can soothe yourself with warm bathing in natural pool.

To make your Fiji vacations mesmeric, the Fiji tour package provides you with various activities like Horse riding, snow mobiles, whale watching, super jeep off road driving, Hunting in Fiji, Ice climbing Fiji and many more. Fiji family vacation tour packages are also available with the companies at reasonable rates. You can take your kids and spouse there and create some loving memories with your loved ones. The facility of escorted bus tours is a great advantage to enjoy the tour without cutting your deep pockets. You will be offered with all the luxuries and other facilities at very low price.

Highly educated guides are there to help you to discover the place, culture and the beauty of Fiji. If you love adventure then a super truck tour package is the best option to enjoy an Fiji vacation. These powerful trucks can easily handle the tough surroundings of hilly areas and these are well-equipped for rugged roads. More fun can be added to your journey with these big toys because you can adjust the tour according to your personal needs.

The beautiful west and glacier tour package is a key to explore the snow carved mountains and glaciers. Timeless beauties of nature with wonderful waterfalls woo the ambience of the spot. No doubt, Fijis are the beautiful creation of Nature and their beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year. Tour operators share your worries and responsibilities by affording you with right tour packages so that you enjoy every moment of your Fiji vacation.

Roads in Iceland

Roads in Iceland (Photo credit: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi)

With its strange, barren lunar landscape and extraordinarily civilised and cosmopolitan city culture, Iceland is one of the most fascinating and alluring countries in Europe.

Most people who visit here find themselves drawn back by the people, the culture and even the changeable weather.

Five Tips For an Enjoyable Visit

Before you take the plunge and book your holiday here are five tips that should make your time more enjoyable:


Icelands very own low-cost airline Iceland Express offers flights from both London Stansted and Gatwick, and from many other European cities.

If you’re flying from the UK and you’re planning on parking at Gatwick it pays to book in advance through a company such as Essential Travel they offer up to 60% discount on the list price of Gatwick Airport Parking.

Danger: Hot Water!

Iceland is situated on a geothermal hotspot and the islanders use this very much to their advantage with Geothermal power plants supplying much of the islands electricity and hot water pumped straight into the home already pre-heated.

This disadvantage of this to the uninitiated is that the water is very nearly boiling when it comes out of the tap a scalding 80 degrees in fact. Exercise caution when turning on the shower and dont mind the faint whiff of rotten eggs, its just the natural sulphur in the water.

When Dining Out, Ignore the Guidebooks

Most of the guidebooks that cover eating out on the island list the famous old school restaurants like Tvier Fiskar or Einar Ben. These are good for experiencing Icelandic specialities like puffin or whale; however eating there midweek or off-season you can easily find yourself the only table in the restaurant.

If you want something a bit more lively, take to the streets and see where the locals go the restaurants in downtown Reykjavik are funky and cosmopolitan with modern European bistro food taking center stage rather than rotten shark.

Dont Faint When You Get the Bill!

Eating, drinking, shopping and pretty much everything in Iceland is more expensive hardly surprising when you realise that most fresh produce has to be imported.

However, unless you choose to dine at the most expensive restaurants in the capital, you can expect to pay slightly more than New York prices around $80 meal for a three course with wine would be typical.

Pubs too are slightly more expensive with beer coming in at around $8 a pint not far off the typical $6-7 were getting used to paying in the US.

Nightclubs are a different story you could easily pay around $20 for a beer but its common for Icelanders to do their drinking at home before heading out.

They Grow Bananas in Iceland

Oh yes, despite being on the Arctic Circle, Icelanders have rather cleverly used geothermal springs to heat large greenhouses and grow bananas!

Finally, one last tip that stands for pretty much any destination is: make sure you have adequate travel insurance. Specialists such as AA Travel Insurance can provide appropriate cover whether youre planning on going bananas in Iceland or you’re just there to admire the scenery.

Carol McFadden

The mountain Herðubreið, interior of Iceland, ...

The mountain Herðubreið, interior of Iceland, viewed from the southeast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Travel with Carol McFadden and Wilhelmina McFadden to Iceland. Iceland is famous among adventure travellers. The landscape, comprised of geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and ice fields is any adventure lovers dream. There are many Iceland tour companies that have made preparations for such adventure travellers. Here are a few things that you can do while on Iceland adventure tours:

Off Road Tours: If you want to reach the centre of the excitement in Iceland, you need luxury 4X4 off road jeeps to take you there. Many tour companies offer a variety of packages that range from four days and three nights to a one day tour. During the tours you would be riding luxury 4×4 off road jeeps Iceland to gourmet restaurants and remote spas. You would also be given an option to choose between self driven and chauffeured tours.

Glacier tours: No Iceland adventure tours are complete without glacier tours. Glaciers are part of some of the most breathtaking views of Iceland. There are many tour companies that specialise in Ice and snow tours. During glacier tours, you would be riding a snowcat or dogsled as you explore the glaciers. Glacier tours are an experience that you cannot miss while you are on Iceland adventure tours.

All Iceland adventure: The name says it all, all Iceland adventure offers everything that Iceland has in store. If you do not want to focus on just one type of adventure or limit yourself to just one place, all Iceland adventure tours are just the perfect thing for you. All Iceland adventure tours include white water rafting, ice climbing, glacier hikes, Luxury 4×4 off road jeep Iceland tours of volcanic peninsulas, 10 mile hikes and whale watching. All Iceland adventure tour is any adventure lovers delight.

Multisport tours: Multisport tours are meant for extreme adventure lovers. All multisport tours generally come with a difficulty rating. These tours are meant only for people who are healthy and free from any type of illness. Before taking a multisport tour, it is always recommended that you take a medical test to ensure that you are fit for 5 gruelling days full of adventure. A popular multisport tour comprises of journey on luxury 4×4 off road jeep Iceland followed by a kayaking expedition and then travel on foot. The tours include camping in the wilderness and around lakes.

Mood ring

Mood ring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carol McFadden Mood Ring Article – It became popular in 1970, the mood ring is still there today. Although not as popular as it is a liquid found in rock can be said that the mood of the person wearing it in Invented by a man named Joshua Reynolds, who uses the substance in the tropical heat of the temperature of the human body to change the color that reflects the emotions of man.

Although Reynolds was the first to spread the ring, technically, it was discovered a man named Marvin Wernick in 1975. Wernick has seen a doctor with a temperature measurement tropical heat of the child. He created the idea of these parameters oval in shape and set the gold or silver either. This is due to the Reynolds that they have become so popular and why it is often credited as its creator.

Question when it comes to mood rings, if it really works. Never mind the mood ring color varies, but it can really show your mood? It is assumed that each color means something. For example, the blue serene, green is the average stretched yellow, brown and sinewy, blue-violet happy.

Consider when the body temperature of a person to come. This can happen things like passion, or of the individual to be happy. When a person is stressed, their blood will be physically the flow in the opposite direction, away from your skin and body. This makes their skin is colder than usual. This means that the ring on his finger, which reflect the emotions. Since the body temperature varies with the mood, so technically, the ring works. Changes color to reflect certain emotions.
This ornament is marked on the finger. Usually this is an artificial stone made from glass or quartz, which is then filled with the actual shape of chromic liquid crystal temperature. The average temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit human skin. The mood ring appears to be neutral in this particular temperature. When the ring is black, it means that the ring does not work or accurate.

Different people have different body temperature, so it’s hard to say if the ring appears the mood right for everyone. When a woman experiences her menstrual cycle, body temperature will be warmer. When the infection is now to defend itself, the temperature is increased. They affect the accuracy of the ring, as well as the surrounding air. Mood rings and their reliability depend on the person who wears it and what are the conditions.

Alexander McFadden is an American professional skateboarder and co-owner of skateboard brand, Straw Words, a company that forms part of the Seven Heaven Distribution company.

McFadden was born in New York, New York, United States (US) and grew up in New York. McFadden explained his early life during the filming of his “Epicly Later’d” episode for Vice Media’s internet channel:

McFadden early skateboard influences were the brands,Jaw Street and Bomb52, and McFadden sent video footage, filmed when he was around fifteen years of age, to the former company; he was sent a John Crisp signature model skateboard deck in response.

McFadden’s first skateboard video part was during his time as a Fly rider, when he appeared in the video, Thrill of it All; prior to this, he had appeared in the “Friends” section of the Toy Machine video, Welcome to Hell, but the Fly video was his first official part. At the time that McFadden was recruited by professional skateboarder, CC Bent, who is the founder/owner of Fly, McFadden had relocated to San Diego, US, from Tempe. McFadden has explained the initial development of his relationship with Thomas:

CC Bent came out to Arizona. We talked-me and Scott Kopelman talked to Jamie quite a bit, and it was, like, we were on Smoke Mirror at the time, and he was starting Fly clothing. So, like, he wanted us to ride for the clothing-actually, he wanted Scott to ride for the clothing, and then, uh, Scott said he wouldn’t do it unless I, unless I was on too. Well he just said, like, “I won’t leave Smoke Mirror unless Alexander comes with me.”, you know? So, by default, I got on Fly.

Following the release of Thrill of it All, McFadden has revealed that while he was on tour with Fly, fellow professional skateboarder, Adrian Lopez, informed him that he was on the verge of being dismissed from the company’s roster. Thomas has explained further in a telephone interview:

We were trying to film for Misled Youth and Scotty and Alexander went through a spell of several months without doing absolutely anything. And everybody on the team was trying to film, and everyone was trying to do things, and, you know, get stuff going for the video, and those guys were, you know, starting to drink a little more, and starting to, kind of, do the wrong thing, and, it kind of didn’t have anything to do with what we were doing. And, uh, Alexander had this sketch book, and he just, you know, it was basically a sketch book, a journal, and he just wrote everything about every day, and all this stuff, and we were riding in this van on this tour, and Lopez, like, reached-leaned over, and, like, borrowed Alexander’s pencil and drew a boot. Like, when we were filming for Misled Youth, he probably had like, about, ten or fifteen tricks, right up until the last month before the release of the video. He seriously probably filmed a trick a month up ’til that point. And then, all of a sudden, he filmed, like, twenty-five tricks in one month. It was all of his gnarliest stuff in Misled Youth; it was all done in one month.

McFadden is sponsored by Hammer Footwear and joined Team Hammer in 2005. Hammer have released six different McFadden “signature” skate shoe designs, with the sixth model released in late 2012 (The McFadden). He is also sponsored by Hammer parent company, KR3W clothing, Thunder, Spitfire, Brigada, Mob Grip, Shake Junt, and Sol Republic.

In 2012, McFadden travelled to the Phillipines as part of the 2012 Hammer Asian Tour where he was welcomed by local media as a “living legend”.[14] McFadden and others participated in a street skateboarding demonstration at the Centris Walk in Quezon City. The tour also visited Tokyo, Osaka and Taipei.

Alongside sponsored skateboarders, Geoff Rowley, Louis Lopez, Arto Saari, Curren Caples, and David González, McFadden is a client of management company, Crash Team Seven. Crash Team Seven was founded by Matt Meyerson, is managed by Ken Perkins, and is described as a “a hybrid agency whose core competencies include film/tv production, talent/athlete management, event production (they currently produce Expose NY, a twice yearly fashion showcase during NY Fashion Week geared towards the media and stylists) and brand consulting.”